About Us

A letter from Dr. Shannon Davis, PT, DPT ~

As a wife, mother, physical therapist, entrepreneur and caregiver I was looking for a path for other women like me to share our stories of success and struggles.  I began researching blogs and social media organizations to find the best fits for me.  In one day I had joined over over 25+ groups!  A few for being a mom, a few for being a women owned business, a few for being a dog owner, etc… But my life was not just about one topic.  My life was filled with so many topics and they all related!  I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the social media sources of receiving and giving information.  I was seeking a place for inspiration, information and guidance from other women’s experiences, advice, recommendations and stories.  I was also looking for a place to share my knowledge to support and encourage other women.  A place where all women can share a variety of information and experiences across multiple topics.